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Charlie Simpson Rejoins Busted For New Album And 2016 Tour: All The Details

Charlie Simpson Busted Matt Willis James Bourne Fightstar

It’s a millennial pop fan’s dream come true! A decade after leaving Busted, Charlie Simpson has announced he’s returned to the band for a new album and tour in 2016. Simpson previously vowed never to return to the group after leaving in 2005, but it seems the singer has had a massive change of heart.

Charlie Simpson rejoins BustedCharlie Simpson is back with Busted for a new album and tour in 2016.

Simpson and his Busted bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne announced the reunion at a press conference on Tuesday (November 10th) and confirmed that a tour and new album were on the way in 2016.

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Since Busted, Where Has Charlie Simpson Been?

Charlie Simpson Fightstar Busted McBusted

McBusted - the pop supergroup combination of boybands McFly and Busted - have been selling out arenas all over the world since their inception back in November 2013. However, along with the announcement of McBusted's birth, it was obvious that the group would be missing a key component: former Busted member Charlie Simpson. He had his reasons for not taking part in the reunion, but what's the popstar turned rocker been up to as of late?

Charlie Simpson PicCharlie Simpson just released his second album, 'Long Road Home'

It's no secret - Simpson was the reason behind Busted's demise so many years ago, but his departure led to taking his music career to new heights. He then became the frontman of alternative rock band Fightstar, and they quickly became a force in the genre, as well as charts in the UK. Eventually, his horizons expanded even further: Simpson began posting solo demos on his MySpace page, and it ended up leading to his first solo album, Young Pilgrim, in 2011. Young Pilgrim was a landmark in Simpson's career for sure, and it allowed the songwriter to delve into a deeper aspect of his music - trading screams and electric guitars for acoustics and more softer songs. Young Pilgrim peaked at number six on the UK album charts, but he also found some success in America as well. In the summer of 2013, Simpson traveled across the U.S. on the Vans Warped Tour, playing an acoustic set at a number of dates to a very well received crowd. In a way, you might even say that Simpson found more success in the States than he ever did in Busted.

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Charlie Simpson Breaks Coolest Record Ever Playing World's Coldest Gig

Charlie Simpson Fightstar

Charlie Simpson has broken the Guinness World Record for playing the coldest ever gig at Oymyakon in Siberia.

The 'Fightstar' singer played the Jagermeister Ice Cold Gig in temperatures of minus 30 degrees centigrade on the trip to what is, suffice to say, the coldest place on the planet that is inhabited by humans. His set with songs from his debut solo album lasted for 15 minutes (which is longer than you would really choose to be outside in this kind of climate) with 30 second breaks between each song to warm the ends of his fingers which were exposed so that he could play his guitar. 'It was unbearably cold, and playing guitar with gloves on wasn't an option', he told the Daily Star. 'We had to pack hand-warmers into my sleeves to stop frostbite.' The town has no electricity or running water and the air is so cold that boiling water can be solidified in a matter of seconds.

Despite the dangerously low temperatures for an Englishman barely used to minus 3 degree British winters, he described the journey as 'the trip of a lifetime' as well as 'the most painful experience of my life'. He even ignored doctors who recommended giving the trip a miss as it could've very possibly damaged his health in some way.

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