Review of Live At Eurosonic Album by Fight Like Apes

Review of Flight Like Apes album Live At Eurosonic

Fight Like Apes Live At Eurosonic Album

This band love introductions. I say this, because there is an introduction on the live record. Then there's the introduction of the actual song. I prefer the latter, because it has some sort of stringed instrument, and guitars, and some kind of synth. It's pretty unique, wait? Although, as it starts to kick in, it immediately sounds a mile better and there's fuzz and bleeps and stuff. It's really nice, but then it doesn't really go anywhere. Let's wait for the next song.

It is now the next song. It becomes apparent that this band is female fronted, which is a nice change, but she doesn't seem to be in time with the rest of the band and she's trying to get lots of words in in a very short space of time and it's all a bit confusing but hey (like that sentence, do you see what I did there?) what can do you. It could almost be The Killers but with Zach de la Rocha singing, if he was an Irish woman. There's some ridiculous male backing vocals too, which probably sound okay on the record, but a bit strange in context here.

It sounds a bit like a bootleg sometimes, with none of the editing or any of that, but it's pretty nice. I wish this band would cover Barbie Girl by Aqua.

Conrad Hughes...

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