Fifth Harmony are set to launch their namesake album next month.

The girl group, which is comprised of Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui, have revealed they will be releasing their self-titled LP on August 25, and the news came on their first appearance on 'The Tonight Show' on Monday (24.07.17), which is hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Speaking on his chat show, the host said: ''Their new album is self titled! That's right, it is called Fifth Harmony and it is out August 25.''

And the foursome are currently ''experimenting'' with ''a lot of different sounds'' with their new music.

Speaking previously, Normani said: ''[We are] really experimenting with a lot of different sounds [to include] strong pop melodies and dark urban sounds.''

Meanwhile, the 'Work From Home' hitmaker's are fully focused on maintaining their friendship following the departure of Camila Cabello, who quit in December, and they believed they are stronger than ever as they move forward with new single 'Down'.

Speaking previously Normani said: ''We're doing greater than ever right now amongst the four of us. We're starting from the ground up.''

The girls say they have had a lot more involvement in the creative process of their new tunes and aren't afraid to say if they don't like something.

Lauren, 21, explained: ''We have a lot more control.

''A song was presented to us and we went back to the label to say, 'No, this isn't us, this isn't our image'.

''We really fought to make our voices heard and that song never came to light.''