There are some genuinely huge and historic festivals cemented in the June festival calendar and London's Field Day continues to prove that it's worthy of cement-status. There's a lot to be praised when it comes to this festival; the organisation, the food, the drink and the atmosphere are all brilliant, but it all comes down to the line-up. There aren't any safe bets and no scheduling based on labels and budgets. This is a line up built on talent and potential.

Field Day 2016 Logo

Because of this, attempting to plan your day and ensure you don't miss the talked about set can be tricky, so allow us to help. As Field Day is now a two day extravaganza, here are the five sets to build your Saturday and Sunday around at this year's Field Day.


Four Tet
If you were to try and sum up the Saturday at Field Day with just one emoji it would be that woman in the red dress performing what looks like an almighty dance. If you happened to be there for Four Tet at Field Day back in 2013 you'll know exactly what to expect and if you weren't, prepare to have your slightly sunburnt face blown off by a genuine music pioneer and one of the most exciting live acts around right now. It'll be a festival highlight, don't miss it.

Girl Band
Now for something completely different. A band who continue to dodge genres and are famed as the creators of a simply astonishing live set. It's difficult to know what to expect from Girl Band, but volume and chaos are two pretty good bets. Make sure you're there early for what will be a fascinating and compelling afternoon set.

Fickle Friends
New artists are lucky if just one of their early tracks 'breaks through' and gets the blogosphere and radio world excited, but Fickle Friends have gone one step further. Everything we've heard from this lot so far has been of exceptional quality, summed up perfect by "Paris" and new single "Swim". Music to make the sun shine over Field Day 2016.

This year's Field Day headliner, James Blake, is a coup but (whisper it) this might be the bigger coup. Yeasayer are, in short, one of the most interesting, unique and important American bands of the last decade. Their debut album All Hour Cymbals still sounds fresh and relevant today, and the new album Amen and Goodbye features some of their best songs yet, including "Silly Me" and "I Am Chemistry". This is going to be special.

Metronomy Summer '08 DJ set
So, you've decided a break from live music is in order and you suddenly feel all nostalgic. There's only one thing to do; skip towards the Metronomy Summer '08 DJ set. Field Day favourites Metronomy may not be playing this year but we've got the next best thing and this summer 2008 DJ set promises to be a real Field Day highlight. Fun (and at least one Metronomy song) guaranteed. 


It's probably time to stop talking about Blossoms by using words such as 'hype', 'potential' and 'new'. They've battled the 'ones to watch' tag and managed to not only justify the hype, but accelerate clear of it and into their own league. The debut album is on the horizon and the singles released so far point towards some anthemic moments on the Sunday at this year's Field Day. You can tell everyone in years to come "I was there".

Feeling a little ropey after your Saturday at Field Day? Allow Formation and their wall of noise to slap you back into shape. The band's live show is full of energy, dancing and cowbells and, as everyone knows, that's always the winning formula. There's real excitement about this lot and someone (me) recently described them as a "frightening live force".

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Will they turn up? Will there be a fight on stage? There are always a number of questions surrounding a Brian Jonestown Massacre gig but only one thing is for certain; whatever happens, it'll be exciting. Cult icons, fronted by the brilliant Anton Newcombe, have had more band members than there are bands playing Field Day but their unique songwriting has been ever-present. Anenome is the one to listen out for.

Mystery Jets
Indie heroes Mystery Jets return to Field Day for the Sunday of this year's festival. At a time when it looked like they might be on the way out, Mystery Jets returned with possibly their best, and biggest, album to date 'Curve of the Earth. With songs from the new album, intertwined with some of the best indie-pop gems of the last ten years, their Sunday Field Day set is one to underline with your favourite pen.

We've all heard 'Run', haven't we? If you haven't, there's a good chance you have, and just haven't realised. Gaining huge popularity across the country, it's surely one of the best-written and produced songs of the last year. The debut album 'U', which is full of slow burning, intriguing dance and electro rollercoasters, went down a treat at a recent sold out show at XOYO and Tourist is perfectly placed to be a Field Day 2016 highlight.