William H. Macy says his secret to keeping his marriage to Felicity Huffman passionate is hard work.

The 'Shameless' star has been married to the 'Desperate Housewives' actress for 15 years and insists there is no magical solution to staying together or keeping things spicy In The Bedroom other than making a commitment to priorities your relationship above everything else.

He said: "Marriage is really hot and ooey-gooey for about a year or two, and then the rest of it is a relationship which you got to work on. You can have passion, but you've got to work on it."

William insists there is nothing you shouldn't be prepared to do to keep your love life "hot" including role play.

He explained: "Role play, whatever you need. The point is, you've got to set your sights. You've got to say, 'Do we want to make this hot? Or do we not?' And if you do, then do it! Don't give yourself excuses."

The 61-year-old actor - who appears in new movie 'The Surrogate' - also makes sure he lavishes praise on Felicity, 49, at all times.

Speaking to In The Mixx at the AXE Hair Media Lounge during the Sundance Film Festival, he revealed: "Just act like you love her more than anybody you've ever seen in your life, and you'll get it back in spades. Just pretend. Make it up, just make it up!"