Review of This Town/Down To The River Single by Feeder

Now nearing two decades and seven albums into their story, Feeder's latest record was the first since their debut not to enter the top ten. Available as a download or on limited vinyl, this double a-side sees the trio through until a UK tour in February, before they had off to Australia for a run of five shows.

Feeder This Town/Down To The River Single

Feeder's 'Renegades' album is very much characterised by its return to the band's alt-rock roots and this is very much evident through the grinding tones of 'This Town'. Heavily distorted guitars give it a dirty quality, whilst 'Down To The River' favours swooning verses that converge into a grand chorus. The complete abandonment of the more melodic sound that was found on recent records is highly noticeable, and whilst these pieces are decent enough it isn't hard to see why commercial success has eluded this campaign.

Alex Lai

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