Veteran movie star Faye Dunaway struggled to portray a woman kidnapped by Robert Redford's character in their 1975 film THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR - because the actor was too "gorgeous" to fear.
The 67-year-old actress starred as Kathy Hale in the Sydney Pollack-directed movie, but admits it was difficult for her to act as if she was always scared, because she would gladly have succumbed to Redford's charms.
She tells British chatshow host Jonathan Ross, "Oh Redford. We had some trouble, I have to say, because my character was kidnapped by him and in mortal fear of being raped and god knows what, you know, the harm coming to her.
"And you can't have those feelings about Redford. You just say, 'Yes, fine, come on!' Because he's just so gorgeous!"