The superstar dropped her sixth studio album on Saturday (23Apr16), during the U.S. broadcast of her TV special of the same name, and a number of unexpected artists subsequently discovered they had been listed on Lemonade's credits.

Father John Misty, real name Joshua Tillman, was among those mentioned as contributors to the song Hold Up, which was penned by Beyonce, Diplo, and Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, and samples the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Maps.

However, the former Fleet Foxes drummer was unaware of the credit until social media users alerted him to the fact on Sunday (24Apr16).

"Woke up this morning in an unmarked car with a band aid on my temple, a slight metallic taste in my mouth and a Beyonce writing credit," he quipped on Twitter.

It was not immediately clear exactly why Father John Misty had been included on the credits, but producer Boots, who worked on another Lemonade tune, 6 Inch, suggests Beyonce wanted to avoid any possible claims of copyright infringement after discovering they had inadvertently written very similar lyrics to those featured on other artists' work.

Boots explained the unlikely credits on lyric website Genius, noting Beyonce included Animal Collective as co-writers on The Weeknd collaboration 6 Inch because it "embodies portions" of the rockers' hit My Girls - in particular, their line, "I don't mean to seem like I care about material things", which appears on the R&B beauty's track as, "She too smart to crave material things".

"The Animal Collective 'material things' amalgamation was accidental," Boots wrote on the site. "Similar to when George Harrison got sued for 'My Sweet Lord'. You write it and sing it and think 'that's f**king great!!!' And everyone high fives and you're all geniuses for fourteen seconds but it turns out it's great because someone else already f**king wrote it. That song is a jam."

Harrison was famously slapped with a lawsuit for "subconsciously" plagiarising the melody of The Chiffons' 1963 hit He's So Fine for his 1970s tune.

Other artists credited with having written portions of Lemonade include Soulja Boy on Hold Up and Led Zeppelin, who are sampled on the Jack White-assisted song Don't Hurt Yourself.