The former Fleet Foxes drummer, real name Joshua Tillman, penned a song for his debut solo album called I'm Writing A Novel, which includes a verse about the veteran musician and an allusion to his song Revolution Blues.

Tillman was surprised to see Young in attendance at one of his early concerts, and when the rocker walked out after he played the track, Tillman is convinced Young mistakenly took offence at the lyrics.

He now fears he will never receive an invitation to perform at the Bridge School Benefit, Young's annual charity concert in California in aid of the Bridge School, for children with special educational needs.

Tillman tells Uncut magazine, "There's a verse in the song about being on a dune buggy with Neil... It's a reference to my great reverence for him... Anyway, one of the first times I played that song, a friend of mine who promotes shows in California asked me to open for Pegi Young at a 150-person show in San Francisco. I got there, and Neil was playing guitar with her.

"(Later) I was playing the song, I looked over and Neil was there in the wings. I was like, 'Oh, my God. Here comes the verse.' The next time I looked over, he wasn't there. So I can only speculate. I've never been asked to play Bridge School, so you tell me."