Fatboy Slim feared he'd struggle to DJ following his 2009 stint in rehab - because he always performed after downing a few drinks.
The star, real name Norman Cook, checked into the Providence Project clinic in Bournemouth, England to kick his alcohol problem once and for all.
He's managed to remain sober ever since, but the DJ worried his career would suffer post-rehab.
Cook tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "I was scared that DJing sober would be a nightmare. I was s**tting myself that I wouldn't be able to do it or be as good. It was two or three gigs before I could dance. My hips wouldn't do it.
"(It's now a) completely different buzz. When I'm in a situation where everyone is 'having it' (getting drunk) I have memories of the past coming back to me. I get a natural high from remembering those times."
And Cook insists his sobriety has improved his relationship with TV presenter wife Zoe Ball.
He adds, "We've grown closer since we've been sober. We've been to the mountain top and to the gutter and now we're cruising for the rest of our lives.
"I can't imagine being with anybody else. We've been through so much ­together that now as a couple we feel like we can take on anything. ­Together we will get through it."