Norman Cook doesn't want to be the ''poster boy'' for sobriety in club culture.

The 51-year-old DJ and his wife Zoe Ball were constantly out partying and drinking when they first started dating in the '90s, but after ''30 good years'', the pair gave it up and are now sober, but Norman - who is more famously known as Fatboy Slim - insists he's ''still fun''.

Norman said: ''I don't want to be the poster boy for sobriety in club culture. I gave up because I'd had enough. I gave it 30 good years. I caned the a**e out of it and I left no stone unturned. But I would encourage everyone to have as much fun as possible - while it is still fun.''

Norman went on to reveal that he stopped drinking around the time that he and Zoe had their first son Woody, now 14, as the TV presenter had stopped drinking after a ''raunchy three-day bender'', and he felt that if they weren't both sober then their ''relationship wasn't going to last''.

Speaking to The Observer's The New Review magazine, the 'Praise You' hitmaker said: ''It wasn't fun any more. I was worried about it affecting my health and my relationship with my family and my wife. And Zoe had an epiphany one particularly raunchy three-day bender over New Year's. Then she stopped. And after about a month of her being sober and me not, it became apparent that our relationship wasn't going to last with that imbalance!''