Review of Ya Mama Single by Fatboy Slim

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1. Fatboy Slim Ya Mama (12" - Skint)
No one else in dance music quite matches up to the superstar status of Fatboy Slim. Who else could pull in an audience of 35,000 in their hometown and who else has had a whole night of television dedicated to them apart from James Bond.

But whether this sudden boost is popularity is down to his choice of wife or down to the merit of his music alone is anyones guess. Ya Mama, the follow up to the successful Star 69, is guaranteed to give him yet even more exposure.

Its a full bore slam dance of Adamski style electronic squeals, an unmissable rock guitar riff and an attitude-ridden hip hop vocal that will undoubtedly destroy any willing dancefloor proving again that he is indeed the king of the big beat.