Review of Live On Brighton Beach Album by Fatboy Slim

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11. Fatboy Slim "Live On Brighton Beach" (Album Review- Southern Fried)
It was one of the most hyped DJ events of last year. Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, setting up stall on the beach of his Brighton Home and getting 35,000 people along for the ride.

Channel 4 covered it on TV, and now Norman Cook releases it, on his own label Southern Fried.

Its here in all its finery, the full live set from the night in question. If in doubt, the interruption of a security warning and an agitated crowd halfway through should convince you otherwise.

Its an hours worth of Fatboy fun. In his inimitable style of up-tempo easy-pleasing tunes he kicks off with the sure fire winner Born Slippy by Underworld. From there, and to no doubt thunderous applause (that we are spared the pleasure of), his own Right Here, Right Now bullets its way to centre of stage.

Mayhem monsters such as The Clumps The Talk, the now over exposed Basement Jaxxs Wheres Your Head At? and Black and White Brothers Put Your Hands Up leave the listener in no doubt that the night in question would have been a momentous hair-standing-up-in-back-of-neck occasion.

A nice momento for those who made it and a bad reminder for those who didnt, Live On Brighton Beach is one of those rare occasions that captures the feeling of a time and will no doubt be a bench mark of the DJ phenomena in years to come.