Review of The Joker Single by Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim

FATBOY SLIM - The Joker - Single Review


The Joker

release date: 28 th Feb 2005


Norman Cook has an incomparable talent for releasing hit dance records and his latest attempt, a cover of The Steve Miller Band’s hit record ‘The Joker’, should be a success.

Bootsy Collins blesses ‘The Joker’ with his youthful vocals and Fatboy add’s his funky beats to propel ‘The Joker’ into the 21 st

FATBOY SLIM - The Joker - Single Review

century. Fans may recognise Bootsy’s vocals from previous Fatboy Slim hit ‘Weapon of Choice’ who’s award-winning Spike Jonze video featured Christopher Walken afflicted with an uncontrollable urge to strut his stuff all over a hotel lobby. ‘The Joker’ will have the same effect on anyone who hears it, anywhere.

This record has the added bonus(?) of 3 alternative mixes from Lazyboy, Kid Carpet and Justin Robertson. Lazyboy’s version has a more electronic, techno feel with ghoulish vocals that breed a much darker track. The following Kid Carpet mix starts on a much lighter note, a piano introduces Bootsy’s vocals but the now familiar ghoulish sounds soon re-appear, but for even less apparent reason…..oh dear! Justin Robertson’s dancehall dub rounds the record off but dancehall enthusiasts will not be impressed.

Vinyl junkies in search of a tasty remix would be better advised searching the record stores for the ATFC, Yousef and alternative Justin Robertson mix catering for those who prefer more b.p.m.

On the album version though Fatboy’s funky beats and Bootsy’s comforting vocals conjure up a feeling of warmth and summer days that inspire good times. All Fatboy fans will be impressed.