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Fat Boy Slim
That Old Pair Of Jeans,
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Fatboy Slim That Old Pair Of Jeans Single

It's quite possible that 'That Old Pair Of Jeans' is even more effective at letting you know summer's arrived that the sun. The happy-go-lucky lyrics, the bright keyboards, the optimism – we really have heard this one before. And faintly echoing the summer song 'Starry Eyed Surprise' from just a few years ago, it's tunes like this that are born out of good days in town, sun cream and taking August days off of work. Undoubtedly then this makes for some great upbeat pop but it's also tunes like this that tend to take the test of time much like Michael Winner has.

Look out for the wonderfully funky bridge; "sometimes I think maybe we'll patch it all up, like a favourite pair of jeans that you won't give up…" It's much of a relief from the familiar reprise.

A sure fire-hit for Norman Cook this summer, albeit on secure ground. 'That Old Pair Of Jeans' are released for the wearing on June 26th.

Jamie Curtis

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