Rap heavyweight Fat Joe is still scratching his head over 50 CENT's attack on him on new track PIGGY BANK - because he helped produce his fellow New Yorker's megahit Candy Shop.

The rapper and producer pal Scott Storch were working on the follow up to last summer's (04) LEAN BACK smash-hit when they came up with the beats for what became Candy Shop.

And when 50 came calling for a new tune, Fat Joe decided to let him have his new tune.

He tells rap magazine XXL, "I'm pretty sure the world don't know we actually produced Candy Shop together. I produced it with him (Storch), made the intro, put the sounds together.

"I figured at the time Lean Back was popping so Scott called me like 50 times, 100 times: 'Yo, you sure you don't want to use it? 50 Cent called me. 50 Cent want it.'

"I never had a problem with this dude. I was like, 'Go ahead.' The next day, I get in there and hear Candy Shop... Sometimes you know beats ain't for you."

Now Joe is accusing 50 of being "touchy" for getting upset about his involvement in Ja Rule's NEW YORK anthem and video.

He adds, "He feels like anybody that rocks with Ja Rule is his enemy. But I never thought it would bother him or affect him.

"He's (50 Cent) a little n**ga to me. He can never be me. All this fast success and all this money, I don't look at him as no superhero."

06/04/2005 03:14