Heavyweight rapper Fat Joe fanned the flames of his feud with 50 CENT and his rap crew G-Unit at last night's MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, Florida, by poking fun at his entourage.

Joe, still upset by 50's criticism of him in his song PIGGY BANK earlier this year (05), stated, "I feel so safe tonight with all this police protection, courtesy of G-Unit," during his presentation speech for Best Hip-Hop Video.

His sarcastic comment prompted boos that lingered long after Missy Elliott took to the stage at the American Airlines Arena to pick up the award.

And as he walked off the stage with Missy, Joe faced more booing and loud chants of obscenities from members of the audience, which MTV censors could not bleep out of the live telecast.

Fat Joe didn't have the last word either - G-Unit star Tony Yayo called him "Pussy boy, fat boy" at the end of his performance with 50 Cent, before yelling, "F**k Fat Joe".

MTV censors then rushed to cut out the rest of his obscenities-laden rant, cutting to commercials.

The tensions continued for the remainder of the show, with audience members yelling obscenities and booing during lulls in the proceedings.

But, while 50 and Joe were feuding, show host SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS and Snoop Dogg were making peace at the event as part of a special tribute to tragic Notorious BIG.

Diddy donned a conductor's jacket and pretended to lead an orchestra through a new Biggie hit - as the big man appeared larger than life on video screens behind him.

The pair thrilled Notorious BIG's mother VOLETTA WALLACE, who was in the audience for the tribute.