Former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant Farrah Abraham has said she will press charges against Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace over an incident which took place during the filming of ‘Bit On The Side’ last week. The ‘CBB’ companion show had to be pulled off the air by Channel 5, after a row broke out between panelists Abraham and Horgan-Wallace.

Farrah AbrahamFarah Abraham has said she will press charges against Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

In a Q&A Abraham said, ‘I was assaulted twice by Aisleyne Horgan Wallace and Janice Dickinson. After speaking with the police and my lawyer, I have pressed charges against Aisleyne and am considering issuing a lawsuit against Janice. I can confirm that Aisleyne did assault me and it is now in the hands of the police.’

During the incident former ‘Allo Allo’ actress Vicki Michelle was reportedly hit with a champagne glass and to be treated in hospital for her injures. In a statement released earlier in the week, a rep for the 64 year old confirmed she would be pressing charges against Abraham.

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'Actress Vicki Michelle MBE is this morning with Hertfordshire police and will be pressing charges against Farrah Abraham, who struck the back of her head with great force with a glass during the recording of CBBBOTS this week,' the statement read.

'Vicki has been in show business for 40 years and has been left in deep shock and with concussion after the attack by Ms Abraham.' It is still unclear exactly what happened during the argument as Channel 5 cut transition as the row escalated.

Responding to Vicki Michelle’s statement Abraham said, 'In regards to Vicki pressing charges against me, I can confirm I was neither arrested nor convicted of anything. I was already liaising with the police in regards to everything which happened at BB BOTS because my manager was the first party to call the police that night.'

'To clear my name, of my own free will, I explained to the police what really happened with Vicki. They looked over the BB BOTS video footage in detail and said no crime had been committed and therefore no charges were made against me.'

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'As a defence mechanism, I threw an empty Champagne glass towards the wall and unfortunately Vicki got caught in the crossfire 100% by accident. It was apparent from the BB BOTS' footage that the glass was not aimed at Vicki or anyone else, I would never throw a glass directly at someone or deliberately want to cause them harm.'

'The Champagne glass did not go anywhere near Vicki’s eyes or front of her face, she was in no danger of being blinded,' Abraham added. The 24 year old also stated that she believed Horgan-Wallace was out to ‘provoke’ her that day and had 'planned a pre-mediated attack'. Horgan-Wallace has previously denied throwing a glass during the incident.