It seems that Charlie Sheen and reality-turned-pornstar Farrah Abraham are both ready and willing to hook up... as soon as they can work out a time that suits their schedules. TMZ reports on some alleged text messages between the two, in which they flirt and try to arrange to meet for coffee or a playdate with the kids... or a birthday with some pornstars. Now that this news has emerged, it’s such an obvious couple that it actually makes you wonder, why did it so long? According to the report, the correspondence started back in May, when Farrah texted Charlie in a (mostly) professional context – asking him to meet up sometime, because she was such a big fan of his.

Farrah’s first message says: “Helloooooo! Just wanted to say I was super excited to meet you if Anger Management ever ends up booking me, but idk if that will happen so i just felt like saying your super funny and would love to meet you at some point...” The sentence goes on like that for a while. Sheen confirmed his womanizing reputation and soon replied to his admirer – as you might expect. He said: “Coffee is for amateurs and grandmas.”

It wasn’t an outright “no” though. On the contrary, Sheen and Abraham have been corresponding since then and it seems that the only thing stopping the union from happening are scheduling conflicts. It’s definitely not for a lack of flexibility, as Farrah’s life is “a wide spectrum” of dating opportunities. A later text says: “...if you would like to do kids play date let me know also i’m going to a B-day party I think Friday night so you can come if you are up for some drinks but there will be like pornstar ppl there so if you’re not comfortable with that then let me know something else you would like to do...”

There’s a sneaking suspicion that Charlie Sheen wouldn’t be the type to mind. We’ll keep you updated on the blossoming romance.

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An unholy alliance on an epic scale?