Farrah Abraham, the star of MTV's Teen Mom series, has inked a deal worth almost $1 million to release her sex-tape with James Deen via Vivid Entertainment. It's the end of a long road for Abraham, who started off by vehemently denying that she made the tape, before touting it around the major porn studios in Hollywood.

Now, according to TMZ.com, she's signed with Steve Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment, who were the most interested in buying the professionally shot tape. Abraham and her father were spotted leaving the studios headquarters in Los Angeles earlier this month. On that occasion, Mr Abraham said he was lending a helping hand to his daughter in order for her to get the best deal, and it certainly looks like she got that. According to insiders close to the situation, Farrah inked a deal with Vivid Entertainment for close to a million dollars. 

The website also report that the tape - clocking in at 70 minutes - will be titled 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.' Err, read into that what you will.

James Deen, Abraham's co-star in the tape, recently broke into the serious movie business and stars alongside Lindsay Lohan in the Bret Easton Ellis penned movie The Canyons. It's unclear whether the movie will gain a full release.

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham At The VMA Pre-Party in Los Angeles