Actress Famke Janssen has no plans to become a Hollywood mum - because she's too devoted to her pet dog.
The former Bond girl admits her four nieces help to satisfy every maternal yearning the actress has, and she has no plans to join fellow X-Men star Halle Berry and become a mum in her 40s.
She explains, "It has nothing to do with not liking children or anything of the sort. I love children. I love my nieces but it's not something I've looked for.
"My life revolves around my dog, Licorice. It's all about making him happy. Since I got him he's brought me such love and joy that I thought the only thing I can do is to make this creature happy, comfortable and spoil him as much as I possibly can."
But the new United Nations Ambassador on corruption issues is not ruling out motherhood altogether.
The 42 year old adds, "Maybe I'll adopt a kid one day. Would I adopt a baby? Maybe not, it would have to be a kid that's a little older."