Its only been a little over a year since Fall Out Boy went on their crusade to save rock and roll, and the multi-platinum selling pop-rock band is getting ready to continue on that quest: bassist Pete Wentz said the band is currently writing new music. "We're writing. I was just listening to something Patrick had written in the trailer. So we're writing, finishing out the album cycle in South Africa in September," Wentz told Billboard. Whether this new music is going to turn into a proper full-length or an EP, one thing's for certain: Wentz likes the idea of releasing it whenever they want, and having it sound like whatever they want. "I feel like you can just put out whatever and as long as it's authentic to who you are," he continued.

Patrick Stump PerformingPete Wentz is writing new Fall Out Boy music with Patrick Stump

Clearly, the band has been making music however they wanted for quite sometime, even if they weren't together for it. While guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andry Hurley were returning to their metal roots with The Damned Things during the band's four year hiatus, Wentz and vocalist Patrick Stump got their pop on as Wentz formed electronic duo Black Cards and Stump released a 80's-esque Michael Jackson inspired solo album. When the group reformed in early 2013, all of those genres fused together effortlessly to make up Save Rock and Roll -- so where does new music go from here and if we got to pick, what would we want to see in it?

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1. More collaborations. Fall Out Boy joined forces with a myriad of guests for Save Rock and Roll covering all sides of the musical spectrum. Elton John, Big Sean, Foxes, and Courtney Love all provided their flare to the record, and it was done perfectly, so obviously we'll want to see more. This time though, let's hope they make it bigger. Different producers across different genres would work wonders, and the thought of a Patrick Stump and Ed Sheeran duet is barely even comprehensible. Fall Out Boy can take it wherever they want with guests and they'll make it special.

2. More pop. Granted, Fall Out Boy gained their recognition for being one of the top pop-punk bands around at one point, but their sugar coated pop hooks always lurked in the background before coming to the forefront with their breakout record, From Under the Cork Tree. Since then, the band has made some of the catchiest tracks you'll hear, and songs like Save Rock and Roll's 'Where Did The Party Go'and 'Alone Together' should be expanded on immensely in future material to keep those pop juices flowing.

Pete Wentz Jingle BallAn album full of songs like 'Alone Together,' please

3. Witty Wentz lyrics. From the start, Wentz's lyrics have been praised for their honesty and poetic nature, and while it hasn't changed throughout the band's career, some could argue that the quality hasn't exactly been consistent. Save Rock and Roll did have some gems, however: "Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger, the person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger" from 'Just One Yesterday' and "My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it's broke in" from 'Alone Together.' If Wentz can keep up his writing prowess for Fall Out Boy's next release, it may just be their best yet.