When looking back on the history of Fall Out Boy and Paramore, it’s a little hard to believe that the two acts have never toured together. Both bands were labelmates on the record label Fueled By Ramen, and they also stormed the Top 40 and Billboard charts with their respective singles and albums over the years. Now, with both bands arguably at the highest points of their careers both musically and commercially, it only makes sense that they join forces and play some shows. Dubbed the ‘Monumentour,’ Fall Out Boy and Paramore will be taking out newcomers New Politics on 43 dates across the United States, with the tour having kicked off on June 19 in Hartford, Connecticut and ending on August 31 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Fall Out Boy LiveFall Out Boy and Paramore's tour started this week in Connecticut

“This tour will be different for us as a band because it is our legitimate first co-headline in a long time, if ever. You get limited by that and the bar is raised by that,” Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz said of the tour. It’s a different atmosphere for sure, because Fall Out Boy is no longer the clear powerhouse playing every night. Their last outing, the “Save Rock and Roll” tour, featured supporting acts such as Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots. However, for “Monumentour,” Paramore will be trying to prove exactly why they’re at number one on the Adult Pop song charts with their current hit, “Ain’t It Fun.” It isn’t a competition, of course, but one band has to outperform the other, right? With two shows as of this writing already in the books, whose been the clear standout so far?

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Billboard’s review of the June 21 show at Jones Beach in Long Island, New York says that both sets were brilliant, and a review from Newsday agreed, calling the tour a “spectacle.” Billboard praised Paramore for a set that didn’t just revolve around their greatest hits, and they noted what was perhaps the coolest thing about it:

Paramore plays ‘Let the Flames Begin,’ a track off their 2007 Riot! album, and follow it with ‘Part II,’ a track off their self-titled record that acts as a sequel to ‘Flames.’ Fall Out Boy, on the other hand, played 18 songs that filled the arena with pyrotechnics. A set that was a mix of new and old, and a feature from pop singer Lolo on ‘Just One Yesterday,’ it seemed as though Fall Out Boy certainly raised the bar to Wentz’s standards.

Paramore GMAParamore's set has been described as "brilliant"

So, maybe there isn’t a clear standout for the “Monumentour,” but that might be why this tour works out so perfectly in the first place. Whether you’re more of a fan of Fall Out Boy or Paramore, or even the openers New Politics, each act brings something to the table that is just as good as the others. We’ve still got a lot more dates to go until the Monumentour’s conclusion, but what is clear so far is that this is a tour that shouldn’t be missed out on this summer.