The current tour by British dance act Faithless could be the band's last - because the massive treks leave the group feeling "jaded".
Keyboard player Sister Bliss hinted at a possible retirement from the road during a set at Britain's Global Gathering music festival in Stratford Upon Avon, England on Friday (30Jul10), telling the crowd they may quit after they wrap up this summer's (10) gigs.
She said, "There is an end to everything. I just don't know (whether we'll still be together). We'll find out when we've finished this bout of touring when we're jaded and possibly depressed and in need of a long holiday."
But the musician - real name Ayalah Deborah Bentovim - dismissed rumours of a split by insisting they are already making plans for their next album.
She added, "At the moment it feels so creative - I mean the gigs are fantastic and really enjoyable. I'd really like to do a dub album though, just to mess everyone up. We've done the dance one now, time to slow down, lounge music next."