Any rumours that Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw are divorcing have been stamped out by their representatives.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at 48th Annual American Country Music Awards, held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Speculation began last week when the National Enquirer reported the couple's marriage was over owing to a number of factors. The couple's representative has spoken to The Huffington Post and firmly denied rumours that McGraw is having an affair with Taylor Swift; that Hill has trust issues or that McGraw is concerned he is mistreating his wife. These rumours have been labelled "totally ridiculous and false" by the couple's representative. 

These rumours may have been triggered by a number of truths. Particularly regarding Taylor Swift who McGraw occasionally works with and mentors, in an interview with The Huffington Post, McGraw highly praised the singer. It seems likely the tabloid paper has exaggerated something completely innocent. Other reports, appearing on have suggested Hill is jealous of Swift as her husband spends a considerable amount of time with the young singer. However, this again could simply be due to McGraw's recent work with Swift. He also worked with Keith Urban at the same time. Who knows maybe McGraw has secretly been battling Nicole Kidman for the affections of her husband too? 

The couple have been married since 1996 after working together on a number of country music albums. They have become an iconic couple in the country music scene and have had a successful marriage. According to Tim McGraw, the secret to their success is "The easy answer is just to shut up and not say anything, that's easy. But really it's a lot of give and take and it's a lot of no ultimatums." 

So, just for the record, the couple are most definitely together. 

Faith Hill
Faith Hill at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas.

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas.