Review of Baby Single by Fabolous


Fabolous - Baby- Single Review


‘baby’ feat mike shorey

release date: 21 March 2005

desert storm recordings/atlantic

Fabolous and Mike Shorey team up on a record teenagers will beg DJs to play. A sure-fire hit in the clubs, this record will kindle as many relationships as it puts on the ropes.

‘Baby’ is inspired by a line in the chorus of ‘Big Poppa’, a colossal track on Biggie’s seminal album ‘Ready to Die’. ‘Baby’ uses several

Fabolous - Baby - Single Review

lines from ‘Big Poppa’ and Biggie Smalls fans may question Fabolous’s creative originality. Fabolous is however, a talented rapper and his creativity should not be judged on this track alone, his albums are testament to that. Fabolous’s popularity has enticed big names including Snoop Dogg, Ashanti, Missy Elliott, Mary J Blige, Jadakiss and P. Diddy to claim their piece of the Fabolous pie. If Biggie were with us today, you could doubtless add his name too. Maybe Fabolous wrote ‘Baby’ to make up for a collaboration that will never happen?

This track will be a winner in the clubs. It has a sexy beat that will spawn many a slow dance and lyrics designed to create a horny atmosphere. Biggie can be proud of this if nothing else. If ‘Baby’ tempts you to listen to more of Fabolous then let it.

Alex Mula