With 'Justice League', those behind the DC Extended Universe have the opportunity to ride off of the major success recent DCEU addition 'Wonder Woman' saw both with the critics and the wider viewing public. The smash hit was something they needed, with the films released before it receiving a lukewarm response from all avenues, at best. Hopefully, 'Justice League' will follow the latter trend rather than that of the former.

Ezra Miller's Barry Allen is expected to be one of the funniest parts of 'Justice League'Ezra Miller's Barry Allen is expected to be one of the funniest parts of 'Justice League'

Bringing together Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Superman (Henry Cavill) with new DCEU additions Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash (Ezra Miller), the film will see the heroes band together to take on the threat of Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons, intent on wreaking havoc on planet Earth.

Zack Snyder originally helmed the project, but stepped down late into proceedings because of a family tragedy, making way for Joss Whedon. Fortunately, it seems that both of the directors have had an impact when it comes to the final product, with Whedon allowing Snyder's vision to come through.

That's something Miller has been talking about, promising a very different take on the world of DC in the upcoming cinematic outing.

Speaking with FOX 5 DC, the actor teased of the movie: "I definitely think it's a realisation of a cohesive vision that comes, you know, mainly from Zack, and comes from, you know, the cumulative process of the building of the DCEU. And I definitely, I feel something that reflects majorly what Zack showed me in early comic frames in a lot of the movie.

"What's funny is that I think that Zack was doing a much lighter, more comedic, almost more Whedon-y thing, and then Joss stepped on and was fulfilling Zack's vision. It's an incredible instance of two artists in collaboration, and honouring each other's work."

Despite Whedon's involvement, Snyder will be given solo credit as director on the flick, with Whedon instead credited as a co-writer after changing up some of the dialogue in the movie. We can't wait to see how the two big names in the world of movies have brought some of the most recognisable superheroes around to the big screen.

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'Justice League' comes to cinemas across the UK on November 17.