Review of The Rapture Single by Exit Calm

You would be forgiven in thinking that Exit Calm had split up since everything has gone quiet since the release of their truly intense and quality debut album. However, after touring it to death, the guys got together and started writing new material and, unlike some other bands, they didn't want to rush an average album out within nine months. They went away, wrote some new stuff and then back in the studio. 

Exit Calm The Rapture Single

You could say that it was the calm before the storm because Exit Calm return with the release of their new single instantly followed by a tour around our humble lands of Britain. 'The Rapture' is the first glimpse that we get of the return of this band and, within the first thirty seconds, you just know Exit Calm are back, and louder and as intense as they always have been. That distinct sound still remains and the band stick to guns with their music. For those out there with tunnel vision stating guitar music is dead, right here is a big V sign saying guitar music will never die! 

'The Rapture' is to be released on AC30 as a limited 7" single; how many singles that is, well, that is a good question so the answer to that really is to get your hands on a copy before they are gone. Great to see this band back and, if you haven't seen them live, then you don't know what you are missing.


Mark Moore

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