Example has moaned he doesn't make enough money from his albums.

The 33-year-old rapper has decided to try acting because he doesn't make enough royalties from his records and no longer has the same appetite for touring which used to bank him serious cash because he doesn't like to be away from his wife Erin McNaught and their nine-month-old son Evander for long periods.

Example - who has released five albums - told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I don't make any money from records. I make money from tours. The problem is I don't want to tour any more. I don't want to be doing it now I have a wife and kid.''

Instead he will focus on his movie career as music-making has become tireless, but he admitted changing career is a ''scary'' prospect.

He previously said: ''Doing music had almost become boring for me. I used to get excited, but after my sixth album and thousands of gigs, I needed a new injection.

''Film has given me something like that. Music was no longer scary - with acting I was scared.

''In music I had worked so hard. I had almost pushed myself to the brink. I was doing my gigs almost on autopilot. I needed to challenge my mind again. My plan is to do two films a year for the next few years. I don't expect to set the world on fire with my performance, but I just want people to see that I can hold my own.''