Example's model bride ran back down the aisle during their wedding after the seams of her dress split.

The British rapper married Erin MCNaught in her native Australia in May (13), and he has now revealed the actress/model suffered a major wardrobe malfunction just as she was beginning her walk to the altar.

MCNaught had to be hastily sewn back into her wedding dress by her mother in an embarrassing episode which threatened to put a damper on the couple's big day.

Example tells Britain's Daily Star, "Just before she walked down the aisle, her dress came apart at the seams. I came down asking: 'Where has she gone?' I didn't think she'd done a runner (jilted me) but she was getting her dress sewn. It's every woman's nightmare. Her mum had to sew her in.

"That threw her a bit for the initial walk. After that the whole day was lots of laughter and jokes all round."