Example doesn't like having time off.

The 33-year-old rapper vowed to take a year off in 2014 after his fifth studio album 'Live Life Living' failed to perform as well as his other records, but grew tired of his break after just a few weeks because he yearned to be entertaining audiences.

He said: ''I don't really like time off. I always think I want time off. Like last year, I did 126 gigs, and I thought, 'Ah, I can't wait to have time off', and then I had a week off, and I was like, 'I wanna be on stage again!'''

The 'Changed the Way You Kissed Me' hitmaker continued to say he has become much more inspired to write new tunes since he became a father to six-month-old son Evander with his model wife Erin McNaught, following a period when he struggled to write any songs.

He told BBC Radio 1: ''In January, I just went away, I was flying back and forth from Brisbane and Sydney, and just wrote like 20 new songs. Last year, I had no inspiration whatsoever, I didn't really go into the studio much. My album came out, and it didn't do as well as the previous ones, because I don't think I was in the right headspace for songwriting. And I just came back in March from Australia, went into Sony, played them a few bits, and one of them's the new single ['Whisky Story'], and they were like, 'This is amazing, we've got to put this out right now!' So, a year off has turned into back on the promotional wagon.''