Example celebrated his two-month wedding anniversary with an ice cream instead of his wife.

The 31-year-old rapper tied the knot with former Miss Australia Erin McNaught on May 18, 2013, but he had to draft in a temporary replacement for the brunette beauty in the shape of a tasty Mint Cornetto when she wasn't around to celebrate their unity.

He wrote on Twitter: ''Celebrating my two month wedding anniversary with a Mint Cornetto. By myself. It's the little things that count (sic)''

While it is likely the 'Perfect Replacement' hitmaker would have preferred his wife to be by his side, he is known to have a penchant for the ice cream brand and recently posted a video about his love of Cornettos on his Instagram account.

In the clip, Example can be seen focusing on various different flavours of the treats and recommending them to his fans as an ideal for accompaniment to the sizzling summer sun.

He says: ''One of my most favourite things is a Cornetto. This is a Cornetto. Cornettos work in all kinds of weather.

''Strawberry is well good when it's hot and this one is mega, Cornetto Enigma - it's dead pricey though, dead pricey.''