With just days to go before the highly-anticipated sequel to ‘90s movie classic Trainspotting, one of the film’s stars, Ewen Bremner, has spoken about what audiences can expect from the classic cast of characters now that they’ve aged twenty years in T2.

Set in Edinburgh two decades on from the events of Danny Boyle’s hit film of 1996, Bremner’s character Spud is surprised when his friend Renton returns from out of nowhere. However, they certainly don’t pick up where they left off with their drug habits.

Ewen BremnerEwen Bremner at the UK premiere of 'T2'

“At that time, when you found the characters in the original film, we were all invincible,” Bremner says. “We were all kind of like [imitates Spud’s accent] ‘Nothing can hurt us! We can do anything to ourselves, we have the most fun, we’ll go to the furthest extremes, we have no fear!’ But twenty years can do a lot to a man.”

T2 is based on Irvine Welsh’s 2002 novel ‘Porno’, itself a sequel to the events of the original ‘Trainspotting’ novel. However, it has been revealed that the script only loosely cleaves to the events of the book, meaning audiences will be kept guessing as to how the characters' story ends.

“Mark’s return [Ewan McGregor’s character] is shocking for Spud. Twenty years later, he’d been lost without a trace,” he said about the impact that his friend returning has upon him.

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“Renton hasn’t taken heroin for twenty years,” McGregor says about where Renton is, two decades later. “He’s trying to help Spud get clean, he brings him some running shoes and tries to give him some purpose. He talks about replacing your addiction with something better for you.”

T2Renton walks back into Spud's life in 'T2'

Danny Boyle, who made his name with the 1996 original, has previously expressed a degree of nervousness about attempting to follow up such a beloved film. However, Bremner has full confidence in his director, and spoke about how much he values their working relationship.

“Danny’s really given me a licence to go beyond, in a more realist world. I’ve got special affection for this guy.”

T2 is released in British cinemas on Friday January 27th.

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