Ewan McGregor wants to take his dog on a motorbike trip across South America.

The British actor - who has previously taken a biking adventure across the world with fellow enthusiast Charley Boorman for documentary series 'Long Way Round' - has been preparing his pet to go out on the road with him.

He said: "I might go on my own. I've got a dog, Sid. I've trained him to ride in my side car and I thought we could do a trip together."

He also told how he has even bought the pooch a set of "doggles" - specially adapted goggles - which Sid can wear in the car to stop his eyes drying out when they are on the road.

Sid isn't the only animal Ewan has been getting close to recently.

The actor bonded with the four-legged star of the film 'The Men Who Stare at Goats', which he starred in alongside George Clooney.

He explained: "There was a scene when George and I are lost, and we are sleeping in the desert. I am supposed to be awakened when a goat with a little bell walks by. I follow the goat and it leads us to water. It saves our lives. We did the first take and the goat just ran through.

"But in the second take, the goat looked at me and it stopped perfectly in the frame. It stood there looking at me for almost 30 seconds. I looked at the goat and the goat looked at me, then it was almost as if he nodded and just carried on. It was absolutely perfect."