Scottish actor Ewan McGregor narrowly escaped injury when he was thrown from his motorcycle in a road accident on Wednesday (18Dec13).

The Trainspotting star was out riding on his motorbike when a car collided with the vehicle, sending him sprawling onto the road.

MCGregor took to after the incident to urge motorists to keep a lookout for bikers.

He tweets, "Check your mirrors for bikers before you change lanes people. It's annoying when picking yourself off the tarmac to hear 'didn't see you'.

"Very kind. I'm wasn't (sic) knocked down but bumped into. Just keep your eyes in your mirrors. Bikers are vulnerable. And very cool."

The star didn't reveal where he was at the time of the accident, but it marks his third crash in recent years - the keen biker broke his leg in a crash in London in 2007 and totalled a bike when he skidded off a road in Scotland in 2000.