It's not unusual for music fans with front row seats at their favourite band to end up getting showered in sweat, spit and whatever else the artist decides is good for audience interaction. But for one Every Time I Die fan, getting spit in her eye actually saved her life.

Some people love it, most people find it gross, but when Jordan Buckley from metalcore band Every Time I Die took a swig of beer during a live set some time ago, he decided to spray it on to his audience. Unfortunately, one lady didn't close her eyes in time and ended up getting beer-spit right on her eyeball.

That can't have been comfortable, and indeed she ended up having to see a doctor when that discomfort didn't subside a day later. Of course, she wasn't expecting what the doctor would reveal to her. Jordan told the story to his Twitter followers on Saturday (July 21st 2018).

'You guys wanna hear a f***ing crazy story?' He said. 'A lady came up to me and said 'I saw you guys a little bit ago, and you spit beer in the air, and I was in front and some got in my eye.' I apologized. Said our shows get wacky, never know what's gonna happen. I was probably just trying to mimic someone way cooler than me.'

'She said the next day it was still bothering her', he continued. 'And she thought her eye was infected so she went to the doctor. I apologized 10 more times. Braced myself for a lawsuit.'

'They did tests. Doctor said she didn't have an eye infection, she had a brain tumor, but they caught it early enough to perform surgery and remove it. She said it never would have gotten caught had she not gone in. She then thanked me for saving her life.'

It's crazy how events turn out. Jordan concluded by joking that coming to an Every Time I Die show 'could save your life'. He does, however, object to the headlines going around that he actually spit in someone's eye.

'Ok. Chill. I spit it in the air!' He insisted, re-Tweeting one particular story. 'It just so happened to get in her eye. Listen. I try to make sure I only do it with water but sometimes things happen.'

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Every Time I Die are currently enjoying their summer on the 2018 Vans Warped Tour. They'll be performing across North America until August 6th, though they do have a couple of further scheduled dates set for September and December.