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29th October 2015

Quote: "We actually had one person on a bike, we were doing this scene and there was horse and carriages and people dressed up from, like, 1900, like 200 extras and this guy with a cap on rode through with his bicycle and he kind of stopped in the middle of the take and was like, 'OK,' and he rode out, and the producer goes, 'That's Ryan Gosling'." Bono's actress daughter Eve Hewson was shocked when Ryan Gosling crashed the set of her TV show The Knick.

4th June 2014

Quote: "I have selfies of me on the floor of the dressing room, like, 'I can't move! Help me!' But now I kind of miss them. You get into one and suddenly your jeans fit so much better." Bono's actress daughter Eve Hewson on having to wear a corset for director Steven Soderbergh's new 10-part period drama The Knick.

18th October 2012

Quote: "Everyone says, 'Oh, so it's your dad,' but it's so not. My dad wishes he was brave enough to wear red lipstick." Actress Eve Hewson insists This Must Be the Place co-star Sean Penn's Irish rocker character is not based on her father Bono.

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