Evangeline Lilly falls in love with strangers.

The 'Lost' actress - who is been dating her co-star Dominic Monaghan since they met on set in 2004 - finds it so easy to love others she can fall for people she doesn't know, as well as believing you can be romantically involved with two people at once.

She explained: "I have such a huge capacity for love. I have always had a really hard time not loving people. I can meet a complete stranger and feel love for them. So for me, I can imagine loving two different people - but I don't think I have the capacity for that because it would require so much of me. Everyone else seems to believe it is possible, so who am I to question this? If everyone says you can love two people, then you can love two people."

Evangeline plays Kate Austen in the US drama series, an escaped convict who is romantically linked to main characters Jack Shephard, played by Matthew Fox, and Sawyer, portrayed by Josh Holloway.

The 30-year-old beauty was so intrigued by the plotline she questioned her co-stars on their views about love and two-timing.

She explained: "I actually went around the set and interviewed people saying things like, 'Do you think it's possible to truly, genuinely love two different people or does that deny the reality of what love is supposed to be? Is that negating what true love is all about?' And unanimously I've had people say, No, I do believe you can genuinely be in love with two different people at the same time."

'Lost' season five is available on DVD in the UK now.