Band leader Amy Lee has announced Majura's recruitment in a post on the group's social media pages, calling her the group's "missing piece" and revealing the new guitarist will be part of the Evanescence line-up when the band tours later this year (15).

Lee writes, "After 2 albums, countless adventures around the world and on the stage, Terry's time with Evanescence has come to an end. As difficult as that is, we stand unified knowing it's the right thing for all of us. We will ALWAYS love you, Terry, and wish you all the happiness, health, and love in the world!

"Now for the exciting part of this announcement: Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jen Majura. After scouring the globe, I found Evanescence's missing piece in South Germany. She plays like a supervillan, sings like an angel, and laughs like a great friend. We spent a few days together last week in New York sharing eerily familiar life stories, sushi, artistic inspiration, other people's shoes, and SO many laughs!"

Lee adds, "We are all so excited to play together this fall and bring the show to a whole new level. CAN'T WAIT! I know you will show her all the love and respect a strong, talented woman deserves. I couldn't be happier to welcome our new sister to the band."

Balsamo joined Evanscence as a replacement for founding member Ben Moody. He has also performed with rockers Limp Bizkit, Cold and Staind.