Review of Lithium Single by Evanescence

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Evanescence Lithium Single

Lithium - not as you might imagine, the pre-requisite drug to be taken before having to listen to this vileness, but actually the song title itself.

Before the sonic hell of the song is even reached, there is the appalling cover to negotiate. 'Singer lady' stands looking like a failed elf from Lord of the Rings, whilst the rest of the band stand around her looking like a dodgy trio of ugly blokes about to try and chat her up in the local rock night (and thus reminding us why they are normally not visually present on Evanescence record sleeves.)

In terms of auditory pollution, this is classic Evanescence. Piano and string driven, soft rock rubbish on a par with Jennifer Rush on strong hallucinogens. It doesn't even have the decency to have a memorable chorus. Over-produced, over-hyped, vacuous, bland nonsense.

Richard Edge

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