Newly-single Evan Rachel Wood has returned to to slam "lies" suggesting she "hooked up" with fellow actress Michelle Rodriguez following her split from husband Jamie Bell.

The Wrestler beauty logged off her social networking page on Wednesday (28May14), revealing she was stepping away from Twitter "for a while", hours before news of her marriage breakdown was announced.

However, the bisexual star decided to break her Twitter silence on Friday (30May14) to dismiss false reports linking her to Fast & Furious actress Rodriguez after they both attended the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center's 2014 An Evening with Women fundraiser, which took place in early May (14).

Wood tweeted, "Looks like someone is already trying to start a rumor that I 'hooked up' with Michelle Rodriguez at 'an evening with women'.

"I have never even said 'hello' to Michelle Rodriguez. I think it's convenient someone chose to make up the story now and not that night."

Sharing a video clip from the event, she added, "If 'a source' saw us leave together, why am I seen here leaving alone?"

She continued, "This is 'journalism' at its lowest. Complete lies made up to exploit a public separation, as if that isn't hard enough. Disgusting. Also just because you are in a photo with someone doesn't mean you spoke or slept together. Really guys?"

Wood and British actor Bell wed in October, 2012 and welcomed a baby boy last July (13).