You'd think we'd be sick of sweet and smoochy rom-coms by now but it seems that our appetite for an original and entertaining love story hasn't completely been sated. Cue Barefoot, a brand new comedy starring Evan Rachel Wood, Scott Speedman and J.K. Simmons, that's sure to have you headed to the movies come the month of love: February.

Barefoot Movie
Evan Rachel Wood & Scott Speedman Star In Exciting New Rom-Com, 'Barefoot.'

The sweet and poignant movie stars Speedman as Jay, the 'black sheep' of a very wealthy family who fritters away his money on the dogs, sleeps around, drinks away the nights in seedy bars, and often gets involved in fights. He meets Daisy (Wood), a mentally unstable but well-intentioned psychiatric patient who has lived a sheltered life without sampling any of the world's pleasures.

Despite their obvious differences, Jay and Daisy grow close enough for Jay to introduce his new girlfriend to his upper class parents during the weekend of his brother's wedding. Owing to her having never kissed anyone, drank alcohol or even worn shoes, it becomes a weekend of goofs and faux-pas but Daisy's sunny outlook and infectious personality ensure that she earns the love of both Jay and his Southern-values family.

Watch The 'Barefoot' Trailer:

Readers familiar with the 2005 German rom-com Barfuss will immediately recognise the inspiration for Barefoot, which is directed by Andrew Fleming ('Nancy Drew,' 'Head Cases'). Fleming has a history of making off-beat movies with interesting female leads and Barefoot looks to be no different with the ever-talented Wood steering the movie on a course for success.

With unexpected laughs, memorable performances and a couple of thought-provoking life lessons thrown in, Barefoot sets out to prove that love can unite anyone, no matters which walk of life they're from. Barefoot will be released from the 21st February.