Eva Mendes never splashes her cash on expensive clothes or diamonds - because spending her hard-earned money makes her "uncomfortable".
Mendes' family moved from Cuba to the U.S. before she was born, and after her parents split she was raised by her mother, who struggled to pay her way with a variety of part-time jobs.
The Hitch star insists her humble roots have made her frugal with her finances and Mendes is adamant she will never fritter away her fortune on unnecessary material goods.
She tells Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine, "I wouldn't change my upbringing. It's given me great values towards money and has made me really appreciate everything I have. I'm not a spender or a shopper. I don't find pleasure in being frivolous with money. In fact, I find it uncomfortable.
"Even this ring I'm wearing right now will go back to my stylist at the end of the day. I don't think money can make you happy at all. The only thing it will do is drive you crazy."