Eva Mendes' luxury car has suffered some serious damage after her attack dog went "ballistic" at the sight of a coyote and smashed her windshield.
The Latina star owns a burly Belgian Malinois named Hugo, which she describes as "a really sweet attack dog".
But Hugo showed his teeth during a drive back to Mendes' California home, when a coyote caught his eye from the backseat of the car, prompting him to try and muscle his way through the glass.
She explains, "He's fully trained, fully equipped. And he's in the back and I'm driving and a coyote runs across (the street)... and for some reason Hugo becomes crazy. His instincts kick in. He just thinks, 'Kill coyote before coyote kills mama!'
"So he goes ballistic back there. He leaps across and all my windows are closed and he's going insane against the windshield. So I have to pull the car over and and get some kind of control over the situation being the pack leader that I am.
"I look over to my windshield and it's completely shattered."
But Mendes assures animal lovers her beloved pooch didn't injure himself. She insists, "Doggy's OK."