Eva Mendes has ''a clear boundary'' when it comes to her kids.

The 'Place Beyond the Pines' star insists she won't post pictures of her partner Ryan Gosling and their daughters - Esmeralda, five, and Amada, three.

She shared on Instagram: ''hi! I have always had a clear boundary when it comes to my man and my kids ... I'll talk about them of course, with limits, but I won't post pictures of our daily life. And since my children are still so little and don't understand what posting their image really means, I don't have their consent. And I won't post their image until they're old enough to give me consent. As far as Ryan and I, it just works for us this way, To stay private. Sending loads of love to you at this time. (sic)''

Meanwhile, the Hollywood star insisted she still loves acting and even though she hasn't appeared on the big screen since 2014's 'Lost River', Eva is now eyeing up a very specific role.

She said: ''Acting is something that I will always love. It's just like now that I have children, I'm kind of extreme. There's just so many things I won't do. Like I won't do most of the movies I've done in the past.

''A lot of things are off that list. I don't want to do anything too violent. Of course, I don't want to do anything too sexual or sexual at all. So I'm basically like, 'Disney, I'm all yours, Disney'. That's all that's left.''

Eva revealed she's eyeing up a villainous role, rather than that of a princess.

She said: ''I'm more of the villain kinda type of girl. I'm more of the Ursula type ... I like the villains of the Disney movies. They're fun.''