Eva Longoria always travels with her own pillow.

The Hollywood actress, who's best known for her starring role in the popular series 'Desperate Housewives', has revealed she takes one all-important item with her whenever she's on the road.

In a Twitter post - accompanied by a photo of her hugging her pillow - she said: ''I never leave home without my travel pillow. I think my Eva Longoria Home collection needs one @JCPenney!''

Last month, meanwhile, Eva ruled out a 'Desperate Housewives' reunion.

The actress loved working on the TV show - in which she played Gabrielle Solís for eight seasons - but she doesn't think a reunion episode or movie is viable.

She said: ''We get asked this all the time and our creator Marc Cherry always says 'no'. He's still exhausted, we're all still exhausted.

''Our seasons ran for 24 episodes, we fully mined all the characters. I can't have one more affair, one more character can't die. We've done it all.

''Other shows which went on to make movies, like 'Sex And The City', made only 10 shows a season so it's completely different.''