There has been much talk over recent days, of the alleged rift between Teri Hatcher and the other female leads in Desperate Housewives. Hatcher was absent from the wrap party and she also didn't show up at the public bash in Hollywood, thrown as a final farewell to the long-running show. Rumors have well and truly surfaced about an apparent feud between Hatcher and her fellow cast members but Eva Longoria denied the claims during a recent appearance on David Letterman's chat show.
Letterman asked Longoria how they celebrated the show. "Was there a party?," he asked. "Was there a gift?" Longoria replied "We bought the crew some take-on luggage, that said 'take us with you on all of your journeys." As she started telling the tale, a look of realisation began to cross Longoria's face, as she could see where Letterman was heading with his questioning. "How many Desperate Housewives are there?" he asked next. "There's four, and then Vanessa joined us in the last two years." Letterman continued "Do they get along? They don't all get along, do they?" Eva remained poker faced. "We all get along," she insisted and denied that there was any sense of competition between the actresses, saying "it's acting, it's not football."
Eva also laughed off the Nicollette Sheridan's court case, which is scheduled to resume in September 2012. "I forgot about that one," she chuckled before stating that Sheridan wasn't 'fired,' but her character was killed off.