Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez had been dating for around 4 months, but in a terrible week for the New York Jets quarterback, he lost the game and his girlfriend. 

Eva broke up with Sanchez during the weekend, after just four months together. The LA Times reports a source saying; "Mark says he is really upset about the breakup with Eva. He is telling friends he tried everything he could to make her happy, and to make things work between them, but they live in very different worlds," a person close to the situation told the New York Post." The source said, "The problem was Mark is very focused on football, while Eva is a busy businesswoman. She lives in Los Angeles, is doing a lot of philanthropic and political work, and is developing a number of TV shows."

The Jets have had a difficult start to the season, with another poor result this past weekend. Reports say that Longoria broke up with Sanchez the night before the big game against the New England Patriots, which the team lost by three points. Sanchez's representative said that he "adores and respects Eva." and that "They will remain close friends." While Sanchez no longer has any control over his relationship with Eva, perhaps he'll plow some of the inevitable post-breakup angst into the next Jets game and come out with that win the whole team are after.