Eva Amurri is ''unconventionally isolating'' with her ex-husband Kyle Martino.

The 35-year-old actress has found it ''really interesting'' sharing her Connecticut abode with her former partner, who generally lives in New York City, for the sake of their kids Marlowe, five, Major, three, and Mateo, five weeks, during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: ''It's been really interesting.

''He actually said in an [Instagram] Live for work not that long ago that we sort of jammed a year of therapy into a few weeks of self-isolation because we had to really get on the same page.

''So many times we've come up against some conflicts, as you would imagine, and had to work through them.''

Kyle has been living in a studio on the grounds of the property, which is fully equipped with amenities including its own kitchen, and the former couple are pleased it has been ''working well'' so far.

Speaking to Otherland co-founder and CEO Abigail Cook Stone on Instagram Live, she said: ''It was either he isolates on his own and doesn't see the kids for who knows how long or we isolate together. It was an obvious choice for the kids' sake and his sake.

''It's been great, surprisingly. It's obviously had its moments.''

The couple divorced ''amicably'' in February and the lifestyle blogger explained they had mediated the situation on their own.

She added: ''We've just been building off of that and it's working thus far.''

Kyle wasn't present when Eva gave birth to Mateo at home, but she recently opened up about the ''unfortgettable'' day.

She wrote: ''Mateo's birth taught me to trust myself and my community, to lean in to my tribe and to surrender to the unknown. It showed me that I have love in so many places, and that even the most delicate and heartbreaking of changes can still bring about the most beautiful futures.

''I have an unconventional family, for sure, but one I am so grateful for.

''One that is rooted in deep love and courage. I hope to continue in that sentiment down this motherhood journey as a Mama of three, and to continue to let Mateo teach me whatever lessons he brings with him.''