Review of Cheer Gone Album by Euros Childs

'Cheer Gone' album review from Euros Childs released through Wichita.

Euros Childs Cheer Gone Album

Cheer Gone, as with Childs' previous solo outings, are a far cry from the psychedelic non-sense of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci but although you can take the Childs out of the Mynci, you cannot take the Mynci out of the Childs. In anybody else's hands, these songs would drag themselves flatly through backwater open mic nights, holding out a sticky pint glass in the hope of some fiscal reward. In the palms of Euros Childs, however, they are lifted, exalted to quirky, retro-sounding ballads, played at double speed and doused in idiosyncratic instrumentation.

'Always Thinking of Her' is a charm; just vocals and piano, the clarity of the keys piercing through Eros' soft and lilting Welsh voice, just the right side of twee. The closing 'Sing Song Song', on the other hand, tips over the twee cliff into the crashing waves of the great ocean of `twee. It's a throwaway end to the kind of album you should want to hold on to.

Hayley Avron

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